Who says soup isn’t for Summer?

Vichyssoise, A Cold Summer Soup

Photo by laura padgett/Flickr.

Summer Soups

The heat waves have started, but that doesn’t mean soup’s out of the question. In fact, this may actually be the perfect time! There are a variety of fruits and vegetables available right now at your local grocery store. You may even want to take a stroll through your local farmer’s market on a sunny day as an alternative to the usual air-conditioned shopping experience.

Here are a few types of chilled summer soups you may or may not have considered before…

Chilled Vegetable Soup

Cucumber Soup

Photo by wonderyort/Flickr.

There are numerous variations of cold vegetable soups. They range from sweet and spicy, to creamy, and some even  incorporate mint and other spices. Think pumpkin, creamed broccoli, cucumber mint, etc.

Fruit Soup


Photo by mynameisharsha/Flickr

This is one of the most interesting and less common soup types. Fruit soups can be served cold or warm and can vary in consistency, sometimes containing milk or cream. Think berries, mangoes, melon, etc.



Photo by stu_spivack/Flickr.

This is a tomato-based vegetable soup that many sources say originates in Spain. It usually includes seasonal, raw veggies and is served cold.

Healthy, Quick & Easy

These types of summer soups tend to be very quick and easy to make, as most of them do not require cooking over a stove. Can you say, major time saver? Chilled summer soup is also a tasty and healthy alternative to the usual. Don’t knock it til you try it!

Stay tuned for a chilled summer soup recipe! Do you have a favorite?  :}

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